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How this site was developed

This web site is about the manuscript "Windjammer to submarine" by Carl Frank List. The web site was created by me, Jan Hartmann from Germany. My great-grandfather was Johann Heinrich Löding, who was called "Hein" in the narrative. Carl Frank List gave a copy of his manuscript to my great-grandfather. My great-grandfather gave it to my grandparents, my grandparents gave it to my parents, and my parents gave it to me.

The work on this homepage project started in 2012. First of all the manuscript copy - about 400 yellowed pages in U.S. Letter format had to be scanned to get a digital version (PDF) of it. That work did Hohnholt company (link), an old-established reprography company in Bremen. Then a chinese OCR software was used to extract the raw text out of the PDF file. The result was a plain text file.

The German translation you can read here was created with Deepl Pro (link), an excellent translation tool which uses artificial neuronal networks. But of course such an automatic translation has to be proofread, which is an ongoing project for me.

Both the files of the English original and the German translation were reformatted by inserting Markdown formatting attributes for the table of contents, headers, paragraphs and tables.

HTML versions are generated from the two Markdown files using the "markdown" tool to enable online reading. In addition, two other HTML versions with fewer formatting attributes are created. These versions serve as the basis for the German and English e-books generated with Calibre's "ebook-convert" tool (link).

Jan Hartmann in January, 2019

Contact me: jan122@posteo.de